Class ConnectedConstraint

All Implemented Interfaces:
IConstraint, Serializable

public class ConnectedConstraint extends Object implements IConstraint
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    • getConenctionType

      public ConnectedConstraint.ConnectionType getConenctionType()
    • getConstraintOne

      public IConstraint getConstraintOne()
    • getConstraintTwo

      public IConstraint getConstraintTwo()
    • assessConstraint

      public com.dna.jopt.assessment.costassessorrestriction.restrictionresult.IEntityRestrictionResult assessConstraint(IEntity en, ILogicEntityRoute route, INode node, com.dna.jopt.assessment.costadjustment.IEntityCostAdjuster iEntityCostAdjuster, com.dna.jopt.assessment.costassessor.IEntityCostAssessor ca, iPropertyProvider, boolean resultRequested)
      Description copied from interface: IConstraint
      Assesses the route, checking if the appropriate qualifications for the constraints are present.

      The boolean true saves the data.

      Specified by:
      assessConstraint in interface IConstraint
      en - entity
      route - the iLogicEntityRoute
      node - node
      iEntityCostAdjuster - iEntityCostAdjuster
      ca - ca
      iPropertyProvider - iPropertyProvider
      resultRequested - the boolean whether to save the results of the route
      Entity Restriction Result
    • setIsHard

      public void setIsHard(boolean isHard)
      Description copied from interface: IConstraint
      Sets the constraint to hard if the respective parameter is given or returns an IllegalStateException if this is expected but not the case.
      Specified by:
      setIsHard in interface IConstraint
      isHard - the boolean to be set
    • isHard

      public boolean isHard()
      Description copied from interface: IConstraint
      Checks the parameter or directly returns true where this must be the case.
      Specified by:
      isHard in interface IConstraint
      the value of the checked boolean
    • isSatisfied

      public boolean isSatisfied(com.dna.jopt.assessment.costassessor.IEntityCostAssessor ca, INode node, ILogicEntityRoute route)
      Description copied from interface: IConstraint
      Filters out hard constraint mismatches by checking whether a Node demands a Qualification as a hard constraint but the Resource does not provide this one. The idea is to have only soft constraints problems in the optimisation which can get solved by adding cost.
      Specified by:
      isSatisfied in interface IConstraint
      ca - the iEntityCostAssessor
      node - the iNode
      route - the iLogicEntityRoute
      the boolean whether the route is satisfied. True means no problems detected
    • getTitle

      public String getTitle()
      Description copied from interface: IConstraint
      Gets the title of the constraint.
      Specified by:
      getTitle in interface IConstraint
      the title
    • hasMembers

      public boolean hasMembers()
      Specified by:
      hasMembers in interface IConstraint