Class OpenLocationCode.CodeArea

Enclosing class:

public static class OpenLocationCode.CodeArea extends Object
Coordinates of a decoded Open Location Code.

The coordinates include the latitude and longitude of the lower left and upper right corners and the center of the bounding box for the area the code represents.

  • Constructor Details

    • CodeArea

      public CodeArea(double southLatitude, double westLongitude, double northLatitude, double eastLongitude, int length)
  • Method Details

    • getSouthLatitude

      public double getSouthLatitude()
    • getWestLongitude

      public double getWestLongitude()
    • getLatitudeHeight

      public double getLatitudeHeight()
    • getLongitudeWidth

      public double getLongitudeWidth()
    • getCenterLatitude

      public double getCenterLatitude()
    • getCenterLongitude

      public double getCenterLongitude()
    • getNorthLatitude

      public double getNorthLatitude()
    • getEastLongitude

      public double getEastLongitude()
    • getLength

      public int getLength()