Class AbstractNode2NodeTempusRelation

All Implemented Interfaces:
INode2NodeRelation, INodeRelation, INode2NodeTempusRelation, Serializable
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public abstract class AbstractNode2NodeTempusRelation extends AbstracNode2NodeRelation implements INode2NodeTempusRelation
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  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractNode2NodeTempusRelation

      public AbstractNode2NodeTempusRelation()
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    • setTimeComparisonJuncture

      public void setTimeComparisonJuncture(boolean isMasterNodeWorkingStart, boolean isRelatedNodeWorkingStart)
      Description copied from interface: INode2NodeTempusRelation
      Defines which times are relevant in a RelativeTimeWindow2RelatedNodeRelation. If isMasterNodeWorkingStart() is true the arrival at the MasterNode is relevant, if false the end of the visit duration is relevant.
       INode2NodeRelation relation =
          new RelativeTimeWindow2RelatedNodeRelation(
         Duration.ofSeconds(0), Duration.ofHours(2));
         relation.setTimeComparisonJuncture(true, false)
      The example shown means that between the arrival at the MasterNode and the end of the work at the RelatedNode a maximum of two hours are allowed.
      setTimeComparisonJuncture(true, true)
      In the example above the work at the RelatedNode has to start within two hours after arrival at the MasterNode
      Specified by:
      setTimeComparisonJuncture in interface INode2NodeTempusRelation
      isMasterNodeWorkingStart - the boolean whether start or end of the work at the MasterNode are relevant
      isRelatedNodeWorkingStart - the boolean whether start or end of the work at the RelatedNode are relevant
    • isMasterNodeWorkingStart

      public boolean isMasterNodeWorkingStart()
    • isRelatedNodeWorkingStart

      public boolean isRelatedNodeWorkingStart()