Interface INodeEdgeConnector

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AbstractNodeEdgeConnector, NodeEdgeConnector

public interface INodeEdgeConnector extends Serializable
The Interface INodeConnector. A node connector is holding a table of INodeConnectorItem which hold the two Strings of the start and the end location. Each INodeConnectorItem is describing for example the time, distance etc. between two nodes.

By default the Table is implemented as TreeBasedTable which is used to store the connection items.

The INodeConnectorItem can be populated with realistic data on distance and time needed between two locations. If not populated, the IBackupElementConnector is used to create missing connections. The default DefaultFlatEarthAverageSpeedBackupElementConnector uses the haversine formula to calculate the distance between two points. Further it uses an average speed to calculate the driving time between two points based on the previously calculated distance.

Recommendation: The connections of two Nodes should be filtered before the INodeconnector is being populated. If one Node is only accessible in December and another one only in January the Optimizer most likely never puts them in the same Route in the final result which is more efficient and the specific data on the distance between these Nodes does not need to be acquired.